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Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Appearances Season 1, Season 2
Portrayed by Janice Chaikelson

Zia is the daughter of an Inca priest Papakamayo, and is roughly the same age as Esteban. As a little girl, she raised her pet condor, Patu, from hatchling to full grown bird. She was taken away from her father by Governor Francisco Pizarro and sent to the Royal Court as a gift to Princess Marguerita. Later she was kidnapped by Mendoza because she has the ability to translate the Quipu which is a form of communication by the Incas using strings and knots in them.

Zia has the Medallion of the Sun (like Esteban) which is a key to the Cities of Gold. It was handed down from generation to generation of her family. She is a kind and caring person but tends to judge all Spaniards the same. Unlike Esteban who trusts Mendoza, Zia thinks he is just after one thing: gold.

Zia is a brave person since she has risked her life on many occasions such as when she gave herself up to the Spaniards to save the Inca Village, but she believes that friendship is the most important than the Cities of Gold when she allows the Olmecs to enter the City of Gold to save Tao's life.

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