"The End of the Solaris"
Season One, Episode 9
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"The End of the Solaris" is the ninth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


Esteban and his companions escape from Pizarro, but their fabulous ship, the Solaris, is taken by Gaspard and Gomez. They offer to exchange the ship for Zia, and her secret. Trying to save Zia, and the friendly Inca people in the village, Tao blows up Gomez's ship, but sadly the Solaris is also destroyed.


The soldiers reach the Solaris, the sun rising just in time to power the ship's launch. Unable to capture the ship and its crew, the soldiers attack the Inca village instead. The galleon finally arrives, and opens fire on the Solaris. Esteban accidentally pulls an untested lever, and the solar sail focuses the suns rays on the galleon, setting fire to it. Seeing the Inca village under attack, the children turn the ray on the soldiers, forcing them to retreat. Then they rush to the village. Gomez, with the galleon's cannon trained on the village, threatens to have the villagers killed if they don't hand over Zia. She floats out to the galleon in a small boat while the villagers quietly sneak away. Tao meanwhile sneaks back to the Solaris to protect it from the galleon. Zia escapes to the Solaris and Gomez gives the order to fire on the village. Tao reluctantly self-destructs the ship, taking the galleon with it. Fortunately, he and Zia escape unharmed.

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