Studio Pierrot (スタジオぴえろ, Sutajio Piero) is a Japanese animation studio, founded in 1979 by former employees of Tatsunoko Production. Its headquarters is located in Mitaka, Tokyo. The company has a simple logo of the face of a clown. Pierrot is a French word for clown, adopted from the classical character of Pierrot.

Studio Pierrot is the animation company that animated The Mysterious Cities of Gold in 1982.

They are known for production of anime in the magical girl sub-genre, especially with their magical girl series of shows.

YuYu Hakusho and Saiyuki, two of the company's anime series, won the Animage Anime Grand Prix Award in 1993 and 2000, respectively.

Studio Pierrot's more recent projects were Bleach and Naruto. Both of which are based on popular Shounen manga series.

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