"Revolt of the Mayas"
Season One, Episode 34
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"Revolt of the Mayas" is the thirty-fourth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


In the early hours of the morning, Kukapetl wakes Esteban and Tao. They find Zia at her father's grave. Tao explains his plan to arm the condor with weapons. As the sun rises, the Maya attack the Olmec mountain. The Olmecs defend themselves with spears, swords and various booby-traps. Back at the village, Mendoza supervises the construction of two wheeled siege towers. The Doctor and his associates are thrown in prison by the Olmecs. The Maya, faring badly, are forced to retreat and regroup. The mountain seems impenetrable, until Mendoza's two battle towers are hauled into position and battle resumes. Gomez and Gaspard reach the Maya village, and see the condor, which is now being loaded with baskets full of rocks. They corner the village women in a hut and grab Zia. Esteban, Tao and the women overcome them. The children take off in the condor, but Gomez and Gaspard escape, grabbing hold of the wooden framework supporting the baskets on the condor. The battle takes a turn for the worse when the Olmecs set fire to one of the battle towers. But the condor arrives, dropping rocks - and Gaspard - on the Olmecs. The Maya force the Olmecs to retreat into the mountain, chased all the way. The condor lands, Gomez leaping off. Menator, the Olmec Chief, is not frightened, for he still has a secret weapon. Gomez rejoins Gaspard, and points out that if Mendoza and the children are here, the Cities of Gold can't be far away.


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