The Kingdom of Hiva was the Pacific Ocean equivalent of Atlantis, a technologically advanced people and kingdom that somehow either destroyed itself or suffered some other great catastrophe. Also equated with the lost continent of Mu, its peoples were supposedly more advanced than any the world had ever known. The last descendant of the Hiva people, Tao, was found on an island slightly west of Chile or Peru. Tao is supposedly descended of Hivan royalty.

Within The Mysterious Cities of Gold Edit

Within MCoG Folklore, Hiva and Atlantis destroyed each other simultaneously in a great war. Prior to this, Hiva created the Seven Cities of Gold and other technological wonders, such as The Solaris.

Historicity Edit

The continent of Mu was proposed by 1800's British antiquarian Augustus le Plongeon.

Hiva was also known as Hawaiki in Polynesian folklore.

Trivia Edit

In the North American version of Season 1, Tao's homeland is exclusively called "Hiva." In the British version of Season 2, it is exclusively called "Mu."

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