"Aerial Pursuit"
Season One, Episode 36
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"Aerial Pursuit" is the thirty-sixth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


The Olmec flying machine attacks the Maya, vaporising some with a heat ray. Esteban heads back to the condor to chase the Olmec machine in the hope of rescuing Zia. Tao and Mendoza go with him. An aerial game of cat and mouse ensues between the two craft. The Olmec machine rams the condor, trying to force it to land. That fails, so the Olmecs fire warning shots with the heat ray. Esteban takes the condor above the Olmec machine, upside down; opening the canopy he jumps onto the top of the Olmec machine, Tao following and leaving Mendoza to roughly land the condor. The Olmec machine lands near the condor, and Mendoza slips away. Esteban and Tao, on the roof of the Olmec machine, find an way in, and once inside follow a guard to the control room. Once there they knock out the machine's pilots. Tao tries to figure out the machine's controls, causing chaos as it hurls itself around. Kalmec comes to the control room to investigate, and while Esteban runs off to find Zia, he captures Tao. Esteban finds Zia with Menator on the command deck. Zia closes the door. Kalmec fetches a portable heat-ray gun to cut open the door. Esteban breaks the window and he and Zia jump out into the lake below. Esteban swims, carrying Zia, to a nearby island.


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