"Adrift on the Endless Sea"
Season One, Episode 4
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"Adrift on the Endless Sea" is the fourth episode from the first season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.


Esteban and his friends barely cross through the terrible Straits of Magellan before their ship, the Esperanza, sinks in a storm. Tossed around on a small raft and attacked by sharks, they're left in the middle of the ocean, with no provisions. But a seagull overhead guides them towards the closest shores, and they finally reach a small island.


As the Esperanza is pulled toward the typhoon, the crew tie themselves down. The ship is drawn into the eye of the storm and pulled into the air by the fierce winds. It lands heavily back into the water. Under the stress the ship's rotting timbers finally give in and the ship begins to sink. Mendoza leaves Captain Perez at the (broken) rudder and sneaks off to rescue the children, unaware that Gaspard has been sent to free the invaluable Zia. The two clash en route, Mendoza escapes unscathed and frees the children. After a swim through the flooded ship's hold, they discover that everyone else has already abandoned ship, the waiting Sancho & Pedro excepted. They run to the ship's bow as she breaks in two. For a while the surviving part of the ships floats them away. While the three sailors sleep that night, Esteban and Zia talk. She tells him she comes from a land called Shimon, where her father is the High Priest. Following an ominous appearance of St Elmo's Fire and a thick sea mist, the remains of the ship are caught in a fast current and begin to break up. The group build a raft and abandon the sinking remnants of the good ship Esperanza. Lost in open sea, they lose their remaining provisions to a shark attack. Seeing a seagull - indicating nearby land - Mendoza leaps into the water, fights off another shark, and tows the raft to a nearby island.

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